Master Dies With Trails

1985PDS-1MDER-001T                           140°

DESCRIPTION: This master die shows trail lines from the bottom right corners of the AMERC of AMERICA.  The offset direction is 140 degrees. As with all master die anomalies, these trail lines will be found on the Denver, Philadelphia and San Francisco minted coins

NOTE: This die was found by William Glenn.


1986PDS-1MDER-001T                          350°

DESCRIPTION: A master trail die which was created during the master hubbing of the master die. All dies made from this master die will have some indication of these trail lines. Most dies, especially late stage, will show only the distortion on EPU and the two T’s and E of STATES. This die, an early die state, shows trails from the top right corners of the letters in UNITED and the scrolling on the top edge of the cornice.

DESCRIPTION: This is the master trail die seen on a 1986-D cent. The indications do not appear as strong on the word STATES as on the 1986(P) cent seen above since this coin is LDS. There is distortion and small trail lines seen on the EPU and trail lines can also be seen on the left upper edge of the cornice. Like the 1986(P) cent, the offset direction is 350 degrees.