Top Fifty Trail Dies

Top Ten Trail Dies

1. 1999P-1DER-015WST – This is the strongest wavy step and trail die to date. While other dies do affect the lower steps and URNs, none compare to this die.

2. 1999P-1DER-033T – This die has strong trail lines all over the place and the distortion on the design elements make it a very interesting die to study. 

3. 1993D-1DER-007WS – This die is the only one from the Denver mint (even though it was made in Philadelphia mint die shop) to be in the top 10. With very strong step distortion under the columns, this is almost equal in strength with the number 1 die on this list.  

4. 1998P-1DER-026T – This is a dual directional trail die that has sharp, trail lines on the majority of the reverse die’s face. The strength of the trails makes this a great addition for the top 10.  

5. 1994P-1DER-023T- Strength of the trail lines and the distortion seen on the letters of the EPU propel this reveres trail die into the number 5 spot on the top 10 list. 

6. 1995P-1DER-017WST –   At first glance this die does not appear to be much of anything until you start seeing the distortion caused by the movement of the working die. This is another dual direction trail die that shows maximum distortion on the EPU. Of all the trail dies, this is probably the oddest of this type anomaly. 


7. 1994P-1DER-005WST – With fluting line extension and step deviation under all columns, plus trails from various design elements, this die deserves a spot in the top 10. It also has one of the neatest die markers in the trail die series, a retained die break found in the later stages of this die. 

8. 2006P-1DEO-008T – Trail lines from the same design element that has a doubled die. This die gives those who claim that trails are a double die a headache trying to explain how a doubled – doubled die is formed on the same die. Any ideas? While not the strongest of trail dies, its uniqueness puts it in the top 10. 

9. 1995P-1DER-005WS – An extremely strong trail die that has an offset direction of 80 degrees. The step deviation, coupled with the strong fluting line extension makes this a classic wavy step die.  

10. 1999P-1DER-050WS – Another very strong example of a wavy step die. The step deviation and the fluting line extension make this another exclusive for the top 10.

Next Top Forty Trail Dies

11. 2005P-25DEO-001T                                                    

12. 1989P-1DER-001WS       

13. 1989P-1DER-002WS                                                    

14. 1992D-1DER-002WS       

15. 1992D-1DER-007WST     

16. 1992D-1DER-008WST     

17. 1993P-1DER-015WS        

18. 1993P-1DER-032WS        

19. 1993P-1DER-055T            

20. 1994P-1DER-001WST      

21. 1994P-1DER-002WS        

22. 1994P-1DER-020WST

23. 1994P-1DER-045T      

24. 1995P-1DEO-007T           

25. 1995P-1DER-015WST      

26. 1995P-1DER-027T           

27. 1995P-1DER-030T            

28. 1997P-1DER-030T          

29. 1998P-1DER-019WST       

30. 1998P-1DER-027T                  

31. 1998P-1DER-028T 

32. 1998P-1DER-029T

33. 1998P-1DER-038T

34. 1998P-1DER-043T

35. 1999P-1DEO-003

36. 1999P-1DER-001WS 

37. 1999P-1DER-010T 

38. 1999P-1DER-046WST

39. 1999P-1DER-056T 

40. 1999P-1DER-059T

41. 1999P-1DER-061T

42. 1999P-1DER-063WST 

43. 1999P-1DER-067WST

44. 2001D-1DER-001WS

45. 2001P-1DER-002WS 

46. 2005P-1DER-008WS

47. 2004P-1DER-031WST 

48. 2006P-1DE0-007T  

49. 2006P-1DER-006WST  

50. 2007D(WY)-25DER-001T

This list is subject to change for a new die may be found that could replace one of the top ten. Both Bob and I have gone over these dies and feel that if you were to want a collection of trail dies. These would be the best dies to find for your collection.

The list below is of dies that we feel deserve some note worthiness for they are stronger than the average trail die, but cannot be included in the top 50.

Bob Piazza, Jason Cuvelier and BJ Neff