U. S. Bullion & Medal Trail Dies

1988P-1ozSDER-001T       110°, 150° & 200°

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DESCRIPTION: This trail die shows multiple, offset directions. The stars have trails from 110° and 150°, while the eagle’s left wing tips show a direction of 110°. The letters UNI of UNITED have an offset direction of 200°.

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DIE MARKERS: Stage “A“, obverse is EDS – a small die dent is seen to the right of the R in LIBERTY. Another small die dent is seen in between the Sand T of TRUST.

Reverse is EDS – none noted

NOTE: This die was found by Louis Fan. This is the first trail die found on a silver eagle bullion coin.

2015 – Eisenhower Inaugural Medal

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Description: While a bit minor, it is noteworthy that trail dies are found on US medals as well. Trail lines are seen from the F in OF and the first A of AMERICA. The offset direction is 080° and 100°.

Die Markers – Unknown.

Note – This trail die was found by Chris Simpson.